Non-Traditional Denver Accounting Solutions from Net Prophet

We’re Net Prophet, And Here’s How We Help You Step Up Your Numbers Game.

  NUMBER ONE – We offer a non-traditional Denver accounting and bookkeeping solutions to entrepreneurs who are growing strong businesses, including non-profits. We get you real-time numbers and a powerful cash flow management tool through our online Prophet Platform.   NUMBER TWO We understand the essential need of entrepreneurs and non-profits to make projections. Net Prophet can help by providing analytical tools that support vital forecasts.  We help you link business expectations to the value added when you execute your business strategy. Net Prophet gives you well-timed, precise financial analysis, both current and future.  We customize your standard operating procedures and effective, manageable processes. NUMBER THREE – Small business and non-profit success requires making financial commitments. Net Prophet has a powerful tool within its Prophet Platform for real-time cash flow management – allowing for projections and analysis that will help you weigh different scenarios to determine the best path forward. This gives you the ability to capitalize on new opportunities and be ready to initiate in – or respond to – your markets. NUMBER FOUR  Our Prophet Platform interfaces with QuickBooks, and helps you measure your progress.  Our graphs and charts help you see trends in revenues and costs so opportunities and problems are identified early. Prophet Platform’s industry benchmarks are another strong tool, providing context for your metrics compared to competitors in your markets.  

How We Kickstart Kick-ass Businesses

  • Our Denver accounting services utilize QuickBooks to manage the financial details of your small business.  We provide advice for running a profitable and prosperous business.  Net Prophet develops and maintains reliable accounting processes, and gives you payroll services, overnight reconciliation, accounts payable services, customized budgets, real-time cash flow management, verifiable data and provides access to QuickBooks ProAdvisors.
  • Our accounting services provide critical financial data.   We give you financial training and vital cost analysis.  We keep your books in real time, giving you accurate numbers and reports on demand. Your CEO Dashboard on the Prophet Platform gives you instant access to your balance sheet, profit and loss statement, liquidity analysis, and complete details on current and projected payables, receivables, income and expenses.
  • Our financial services ensure that you have the financial capabilities you need, and help you take a proactive approach to financial management.  We help you master the management of revenue, expenses, equity and debt.  We track business performance and develop plans that ensure that you can reach your goals and take advantage of your opportunities.
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