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We’re Net Prophet, and we know what the hell we’re doing. We’ll help you step up your numbers game and discover a new beat to accounting.



We’re Net Prophet, a group of legendary leaders committed to disrupting traditional Denver accounting services, kickstarting kick-ass businesses and keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Late-night worrying, shoebox stuffing, sleepless nights, fingernail biting and hair pulling got you down? We’ve been there. Now, we’re here to offer you that special expertise that comes from suffering through starting a business. Net Prophet delivers the convenience of a accounting system that’s not only automated but approachable. We’ll help you make it happen with the numbers you want and the understanding you need to get one hell of a head start.

We’ve packed timely, accurate and insightful financial information into a dynamic digital dashboard that keeps the tax guys off your back, all with access to QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Say no to small business nightmares and say hell no to overdrawn bank accounts, shortages of cash and grasping for numbers in the dark.

The new accounting beat is here. A future in your favor starts with Net Prophet.


Get the tools, know the rules.


We understand your business environment, and the planning and management systems you need to be on top.  While you focus on building your business model and executing your strategy, we track your finances.  No matter what your business is, no matter which industry you’re in, we give you your critical numbers.  Your dashboard on the Prophet Platform monitors them and tracks them against industry benchmarks.  

We give you the information you need to make unbeatable decisions.  Our financial reporting, cost analysis and industry ratios keep your strategy focused and effective.  We are your CFO when it comes to producing your financial reports and reviewing the results with you.  Balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow reports allow to you command the financial strength and capabilities of your business.

We provide sustainable Denver accounting services, processes, and tools:  cash flow, balance sheet, profit and loss, trends in expenses, accounts receivable, accounts payable, profit per customer, and how your client funnel works.  We show you how to diversify your revenue stream and compare it to your industry average.  No gaps in knowledge or understanding will stand in your way.

We show you how to use KPIs to keep your business healthy.  Accurate sales figures indicate business trends and cost analysis ensures your gross profit margins are not shrinking. Cash flow forecasts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis prevent cash shortfalls.  

Key ratios help drive your momentum.  Sales/revenues, inventory, net profit, quick ratios, debt-to-equity, and more are critical.  Net Prophet knows which numbers are important in your industry.

The numbers behind your business are not a game. Don’t play it.  Own it.